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The Cyber Guardians are one of the leading experts when it comes to finding a way for your business to rescue from the cybercrime choke.

We, as cyber guardians are inclined towards solving your cyber security threats at a threshold. We are experts in the following areas of certified expertise;

  • Internet of things
  • SaaS application
  • Mobile application
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Critical infrastructure

Internet of things (IoT)

We, at TCG, are experts in providing customers with IoT platform for your IoT solution. Our team of professionals works at first analyzing your business needs and then deal customers with appropriate IoT journey and solution.

We assure you to cater your IoT solutions needs in the best way!

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SaaS application

One of our prime expertise includes SaaS application.

It is an on-demand software. It eliminates the traditional pattern of software installation. It is comparatively very cost effective.

We use SaaS for providing our customers with the best software for installing that is cost-friendly as well

We assure you complete elimination of the traditional software installing with SaaS application

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Mobile application

We are certified and licensed experts in mobile apps. Mobiles are just not the near future of digital media markets instead they are the fastest growing present. We, at The Cyber Guardians, are experts in mobile applications.

May it be Android, iOs, or windows-we assure to builds on every platform for you!

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Cloud infrastructure

The traditional way of setting up your data center and purchasing your expensive personal hardware is disappearing soon. Now is the time for Azure migration. We, at TCG, are experts in cloud infrastructure. We utilize our cloud infrastructure expertise to transfer you from an old-school execution of datacenter and hardware to move to the cloud.

We assure you the finest yet the safest azure migration with The Cyber Guardians.

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Critical infrastructure

We are experts in protecting your critical infrastructures from such cybercriminal beasts. We are experts to help clients in responding to catastrophic incidents and emergencies in case of attacks.  Cyber guardian’s team is highly qualified and equipped to deal with any disrupting situations of threats to critical infrastructure

We assure you complete security against threats and attacks to your critical infrastructure.

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Let’s make it the guardian’s way! – THE CYBER GUARDIANS, your certified digital landscape security experts.