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We are experts ready to save your industry against cybercrimes.

In the modernized 21st century, every industry runs on the IoT  may it be malware, spyware, or anything else-cybercrimes are the growing reality of today. No matter what type of business you operate in, get yourself awarded o0f the fact that no company is save from the sound and loud cyber-attacks.

Cybercriminals are the bests entering every market and projecting disrupting and massive destructing attacks against every next industry. May it be a healthcare sector, a Transportation hub, a technology industry, energy, and utility industry, or a manufacturing one-cyber criminals are advanced enough with their quantum ways of attacking.

We work to save our clients from such destructing situations of wounding cyber-attacks.

We work for the following types of industries;

Technology industry

We, at TCG, are driven by the vision that technology industries must be guided right at the right time that if their precious data is at stake of cybercrime. We help technology-oriented sectors with breach and attack simulations (BAS Technology) to determine the absolute validity of their cyber security.

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We strive to save your technology industry for malicious cybercriminals.


Nothing is safe anymore, even not your medical information. Cybercriminals are more likely to attack medical details now. Securing patients’ data and medical information from cybercriminals is the immediate necessary need of the time of medical platforms and so are we working for it

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We strive to gain patient’s trust by securing their PHI against cyber threats.

Energy and utility industry

Cybercrime is one of the fast growing reality of the 21st century. Cybercriminals often take into the corporation of IoT devices and malware to attack energy and utility industries. They often attempt attacks to steal data through Io T and malware. We are experts fully equipped to fight your energy and utility industry against cyber threats.

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We strive to make your energy and utility industry cyber-free!

Manufacturing and construction

In the so-revolutionized world of today with digital refrigerators, self-driven cars, and whatnot, manufacturers and constructors bear one of the highest risks. What if your digital refrigerator can deliver your grocery information to you at the store, it’s not secure enough!

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With every advancement in your gadgets and home appliances, the risk of cybercrime gets higher-we strive to minimize the cyber threat.