Cybercrime is one of the highly accelerating bitter truth of the 21st century. Nothing is safe anymore, even not your medical information. Cybercriminals are more likely to attack medical details now. Securing patients’ data and medical information from cybercriminals is the immediate necessary need of the time of medical platforms.

Protected healthcare information (PHI) is the up growing target of cybercriminals.

The Cyber Guardians help healthcare sectors to attain a cyber-secured posture proactively.

We help in the following ways.

These ways also guide our customers to plan an appropriate response in the case of data contravention.

  •  maintain patient confidence in securing PHI
  • Meet HIPAA compliance requirements
  • license your workforce to be a frontline defense
  •  promote diligent cyber hygiene
  • Eradicate preventable vulnerabilities
  • Ensure proper incident response capability
  • Address cyber threats independent of  information technology (IT) and data security

We understand the need for cyber security and cost issues concerning small and towering platforms. We pay detailed attention to every customer regarding the size of its platform and followed by providing quality solutions against cyber threats.

Our services include;

  • awareness, Training, and testing of workforce adaptable to cyber threats such as ransom ware
  • Cyber security strategy development
  • HIPAA Security break Analysis
  • HIPAA policy/procedure sketching, execution, and improvement
  • Vendor management via Secure portal
  • Customized phishing to test understanding of high-risk targets with greater access

We put detailed interest in our services delivered to healthcare sectors. We understand the need of confidentiality for PHI. We also provide you with medical device security. It is one of the most dangerous threats that risk lives.

  • We communicate healthcare sectors about the potential risk associated with poor medical device security through a holistic approach.
  • We work at assessing the safety of medical devices throughout their lifecycle.
  • We provide a managed roadmap for fixing the security issues of medical devices.
  • We work to eliminate risk to patients’ health by developing device hardening standards, incorporating network segmentation, bringing efficient device lifecycle management procedure, some more key controls.