Hire a Cyber Guardian

TCG specializes in fulfillment of all cyber security positions from Auditors to Analysts, to Engineers to CISOs. With our global reach and presence, TCG has inroads to the cyber security community that permits us to locate the best cyber talent in the shortest amount of time.

Our services in this space include:

  • Cyber Workforce Optimization

A full assessment of your current cyber staffing spends, rates, inefficiencies, risks and gaps and provide a future state recommendation for re-alignment of your organization’s cyber recruiting methodology, staffing suppliers and support functions.

  • Cyber Skills on Tap(CSoT)

TCG offers Cyber Skills on Tap to cater to your immediate need of Cyber Resources. We have highly experience Cyber Resources on board willing to take complex projects immediately on short notice to help avoid delays due to shortage of staff.

Whether you are an experienced IT Security individual hoping to learn more about finding a job in the high-growth cyber sector, or an organization that needs assistance with its Cyber staffing needs, TCG is your answer.


We all already know there is a shortage of skilled and qualified cyber talent. We maintain relationships with highly qualified and experienced cyber pros that understand the need of maintaining your organization’s security posture. Contact us to discuss how to enhance the expertise of your cyber team.

Looking for Jobs?

If you are technical professional specializing in cyber security, your expertise is in high demand. Are you ready to take the next step in your career? We can help you fit into the most lucrative cyber security roles available in reputed organizations? We only work with companies that take cyber security seriously, have mature security programs, and provide market competitive compensation.


If you are looking for expert advice on the best approach to hunting down cyber talent or if you are a cyber-professional wondering how to take the next step in your cyber security career— we got you covered! We are here to help. Contact us and one of our cyber specialists will be happy to chat with you.

At TCG, we speak Cyber Security – the same language as the hiring manager, which gives us unique insight to understand your requirements for the position.