Manufacturing and construction

Keep your data confidential with The Cyber Guardians!

In the so-revolutionized world of today with digital refrigerators, self-driven cars, and whatnot, manufacturers and constructors bear one of the highest risks. What if your digital refrigerator can deliver your grocery information to you at the store, it’s not secure enough!

The prior record of Honda breach in 2010, disclosing personal identification numbers of vehicles implies the fact that manufacturers need cyber security too!

Manufacturers and constructors depend solely on IT, and computer systems, in this case, cyber security, are indispensable. We, at TCG, provide cyber security and information technology services to manufacturers and constructors to;

  • Secure company’s information and vital data
  • Avoiding disturbance in delivery and operation patterns
  • Preventing damage and theft against systems, infrastructure, and equipment.
  • Preventing your precious data leak out publicly.
  • Manufacturers are often targets of hackers.

We rescue your precious data from stake!

We provide high-end cyber security services to our manufacturing firm clients. We first aim at protecting their data leak out through their advanced technology devices. Secondly, we serve in keeping their staff information confidential. This involves protecting company employees’ personal information data leak out.

In broader cases, it may involve data leak out about products or new inventions.

We, at TCG, are working to protect not only larger platforms but we pay the same interest to smaller platforms. We work with a digital marketing pilot. We try to address technical challenges and opportunities via our pilot.

With the passage of time and advancements, manufacturers are becoming more advanced too. They tend to be more productive, innovative, efficient, and competitive at a global level and this increases the risk of data leakage proportionally. As far as the cyber threats are concerned with manufacturing platforms, they tend to be directly proportional with every next technology advancement.

We care for the confidentiality of your company.