Mobile Applications

Putting our passion for encompassing mobile applications on every platform

May it be iOs, Android, or windows – TCG specializes in all platforms!

We are certified and licensed experts in mobile applications. Mobiles are just not the near future of digital media markets instead they are the fastest growing present. We, at The Cyber Guardians, are experts in mobile applications.

Our expertise in mobile application services is not only bound to mobile application development. Rather, we are also experts for evaluating the mobile applications’ security.

Our expertise in the ring of the mobile application are as follows:

  • we develop each application separately with keen interest required by every platform. We take into account the subtle visual and functional differences between each application depending upon the platform.
  • we believe in discussing the complexities, desires, and the prospective app sketch with customers boundlessly to sort out the best route for ultimate customer satisfaction
  • we work with an outstretched arm of technical skills. We develop on different platforms. May it be apple, android, or windows-we are highly skilled cornering to distinct formatting, softwares, programming, licensing, and app stores associated with every platform.
  • We evaluates mobile application security with manual, commercial, and proprietary tools following static and dynamic approaches.

We specialize in:

  • iOS Operating System (Objective-C)
  • Windows Operating System
  • Android Operating System (Java)
  • Tablet Sized Interface
  • XCode SDK
  • Phone Sized Interface
  • Eclipse SDK

We believe in first analyzing customers’ business nature and requirements for putting our expertise in an appropriate manner.

We, at The Cyber Guardians also guides customers to go with right technology according to their need of time.

Our mobile application expertise in evaluating security also offers the following bunch of services;

  • Web Application Assessments
  • Internal Penetration Tests
  • Purple Team Penetration Tests
  • Managed Security Services

We are one of your highly equipped cost-effective mobile application experts with top-notch qualified experts at our platform.