The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security controls developed by an aggregated body of experts from the major card brands. The standard covers the fundamental aspects of information security and extends through the people, processes, and technologies involved in payment card processing systems.

PCI DSS is a complex and granular standard that is mandatory for all entities which store, process or transmit payment card data, as well as organizations that may impact the security of a credit card processing environment.

Our experience PCI consultants will lead you through the PCI journey from initial review to full alignment with the standard in the most efficient and least intrusive manner possible. This will ensure your business can continue to operate while maintaining a secure payment processing environment.

TCG’s approach towards the implementation of PCI — DSS is based on its experience with implementation of different information security standards, frameworks, and best practices.

Our approach:

  • Phase 1 (Analysis) —Scope determination in terms of the organizational boundaries, network segment, physical boundaries
  • Phase 2 (Planning) — Gap assessment to determine the existing controls against the requirements. Recommendation to change/modify existing controls or identify new controls based on the gaps identified which will help the organization to comply with the PCI DSS requirements
  • Phase 3 (Remediation) — Implementation of the controls based on the gaps identified above. This is achieved through the definition of policies and documentation of procedures on one hand and coordinating the actual implementation of technical controls on the other
  • Phase 4 (Testing) — Pen Testing
  • Phase 5 (Readiness review) — Perform Internal Audit to review the application of the framework and all its components as specified in the standard
  • Phase 6 (Assessment) — Assists in certification audit.

How TCG can assist you with PCI DSS?

  • Providing technical interpretation of the PCI DSS requirements
  • Assisting in defining the scope of your Cardholder Data Environment
  • Undertaking assessments of all nature from initial gap analysis assessments to progress assessments, to final compliance assessments
  • Providing overall project management planning and assistance with remediation plan development
  • Providing remediation services post gap analysis
  • Providing quarterly reviews post compliance to ensure standards are maintained and keep you informed of industry developments
  • Providing full testing including penetration testing and Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) services comprehensive reporting with the flexibility that fits within your organizational structure
  • Providing template policies specially designed for PCI Compliance
  • Introducing a statistical framework to assist with monitoring and ongoing compliance

PCI DSS Penetration Testing

TCG provided PCI Penetration Testing helps you meet PCI requirements relating to vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We help cover complex PCI DSS scoping issues and provide feasible solutions, making sure your environment is compliant.

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