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Your websites and in house developed software can be vulnerable to security threats, and so is your hardware. Threats are lurking everywhere – a simple loop hole in security of mobile application or platforms can lead to an attack to your customers android or iOS devices. Unauthorized parties can sometimes even access your customer’s financial information that is kept on these mobile devices. Maintaining the confidentiality of your data is essential and is our goal.

In today’s digital world, cybercrime has accelerated to 144% in the last four years. We help your teams’ architect – secure and adaptive products to cater best to your information technology needs.

TCG security evaluation methodology to address product security and help your development teams

The implementation of secure application design and development is a vital and compulsory attribute to a secure computing environment.  Applications that protect data from unauthorized access or modification and ensure its availability are a necessity for a Digital Enterprise. But, sandwiched between project deadlines and user demand for new features, security usually is not the highest priority for product development teams. It is seen as a standard practice that identifying and remediating vulnerabilities is pushed as a task to the end of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). This approach of reactive secure development ends-up setting software and product development teams for a failure.

TCG offers research driven assessment methodologies derived from OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), which helps in normalizing the range to handle and level of consistency required for your business and enterprise applications. With latest OWASP’s 19 verification requirements, 200+ defined checks and 3 level of suggestive security rating allows our team to meet your unique testing and budget goals. We offer tailored solutions and pricing based upon the requirements or needs of the security review.

As part of our security assessments, and contingent to the level of rigor, TCG will come handy for you with a variety of evaluation techniques. We can help you uncover known and unknown exposures in the products being developed by your teams.

TCG make sure that technologies and platforms that you work with are supported by us

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