Consulting & Professional Services

From business analysis, to operations, to strategy creation, to deployment & sustainment, our Consulting Services are tailored to align the right resources to our customer initiatives to deliver the success and “Certainty of Outcome” our customers demand.

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IT workers

Enterprise IT

At CoreOnyx we approach the IT enterprise a little different than some traditional organizations. With the light speed of today’s technology innovation, it can be overwhelming with all of the products and services available. Often, clients become enamored with certain functionality of technologies but unsure which is right for their mission or even if the business outcome of their mission can justify the investment. With our partners and agile performance practices, we can create, deliver and maintain agile solutions for our clients that not only streamline the development, delivery, and sustainment of the enterprise, but are also laser-focused on the customer user experience.

Finally, we can create a continuous improvement culture for our clients that reduces costs while significantly improving the service and delivery posture to our clients and their mission. The result is a development and delivery model that is always current while advising them of what is around the corner.

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Analytics & Information Management

Data and the access to it is becoming increasingly critical in our customers’ ability to drive decisions needed in a rapid-paced environment. In some instances, across the government community, up to 80% of their data may be unstructured and cannot be analyzed with the expediency or accuracy that has become so essential in industry today.

With CoreOnyx, we are able to bring our clients both the subject matter expertise and data science to deliver our Information Management and Analytics solutions that can be leveraged by our clients to manage, optimize and amplify their data environments to align with industry best practices.

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Emerging Technologies

To get the real benefits of emerging technology, organizations must document the value-added business cases first and then focus on organizational change management to pave the way for scaled adoption. With exciting new technologies increasing exponentially, this ever-changing roadmap can be daunting at the very least. However, there is extraordinary possibility and potential benefit for our clients in platforms such as collaboration, robotic process automation, big data/analytics, cloud computing, IoT, Blockchain, and machine learning/AI.

At CoreOnyx, we understand that we are in a market where the mission must be highly agile and progressive. In this period of high change, CoreOnyx’s services provide strategic insight and tactical guidance to our clients as they consider new technology initiatives to digitally transform their missions.

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Safeguards and National Security

Your mission must be accomplished without disruption or compromise due to security concerns. At CoreOnyx, we live and breathe security every day. With our SME leadership team and more than 5 decades of in theater performance in national security missions, we help our customers understand and mitigate risk across the multiple disciplines of safeguards and security to enable “no fail” missions.

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