Transformation (DX)

In today’s rapidly moving digital landscape, the way Government and Commercial organizations plan, implement and utilize technology investments and adopt digital operational methodologies is a key differentiator for the mission’s success. Customers cannot simply take a “black box” approach in technology acquisition and insertion, and assume it key avast pro 2017 will automatically enhance and invigorate existing processes. Instead, organizations must have a clear and defined strategy and execution methodology to ensure investments closely align with business goals and achieve intended results.

COREONYX Government Solutions recognizes that organizations’ business leaders are constantly striving to achieve maximum value for their operational mission stakeholders in this rapid, transformative age. With our customers, from inception through a program sunset, we implement a continuous-quality-improvement model that challenges assumptions, delivers strategies for the mission objectives, and creates the efficiency and long-term value we seek together.

Enterprise Information
Technology (IT)

COREONYX Government Solutions Enterprise Support Services helps organizations to simplify their complex technology support ecosystems. We empower our customers to adopt and place an enterprise solutions strategy to help them shift from “Reactive” to Proactive.” Time and time again, our pre-emptive engagement models and deliver superior customer experiences.
Our holistic services cover the entire support lifecycle, right from implementation to end-of-life support, enabling enterprises to realize operational efficiencies and gain competitive differentiation.

Analytics &
Information Management

Immediate and secure access to data across the enterprise is critical to making effective decisions quickly. In some instances, up to 80% of the data in the Government community is unstructured. This makes effective information management difficult and impairs informed decision-making.

We deliver powerful analytics and information management solutions through our expertise in data science methods, tools, and best practices. We also apply our insights into the Government mission and the needs of Government IT users. We enable our clients to optimize their environments and leverage critical data for rapid analysis and more reliable conclusions.


It is a daunting challenge to keep up with the rapid growth and evolution of new technologies. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning, big data analytics, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing offer extraordinary benefits if you have the right partner to guide you through them. We provide strategic insight to identify useful applications and the tactical guidance required to pave the way for scaled adoption of new technologies and initiatives.

We help our clients transform their digital environments and enhance their mission performance. From documenting business cases and defining process improvements, to managing deployments and organizational change, we walk the path with our clients and focus on advancing their mission.

Energy &

We only have one planet, and it is our responsibility to take care of it. We provide the domain knowledge, experience, and insight needed to help our clients solve a wide range of energy and environmental challenges. We perform strategic analysis and planning, technical design and implementation, and well-managed program delivery.

When program scope and complexity require it, we can integrate the strengths and capabilities of our key partners. This enables us to bring the needed resources to bear, ensure our clients obtain the best possible outcomes, and achieve their mission goals.