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Managed Security Services

The threat landscape is evolving at ever-increasing speed and we have no room for error when it comes to enterprise cybersecurity, especially in a world of competitive expansion. Within a robust IP network, every device, firewalls, servers, endpoints including your IoT device creates logs on the traffic carried, the activities conducted, and transactions made. This information is crucial to secure an enterprise network. However, the monitoring of a multitude of devices and their events regularly can be a superhuman task. Responding to these risks requires smarter, intelligence-driven solutions that focus on maximizing resource effectiveness and minimizing damage sustained.

Organizations must defend themselves against emerging threats while ensuring business continuity with the help of a reliable managed security service providers. TCG subject matter experts come with years of on ground experience in establishing numerous SOC and CSOCs for customers in various verticals and geographies. TCG’s managed security services are delivered by our team of cybersecurity SMEs from multiple security operation centers across the country, geographies and verticals to support your organization on-demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

TCG’s Managed Security Services
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The past several years has witnessed an array of successful cyberattacks against some of the most prominent firms in the country and globally. The infiltration of your network is often a slow, measured effort. Once attackers have gained access to your system, they establish a foothold and siphon data from your network, leveraging remote command and control – known as persistent compromises. Whereas loud, transient attacks like crypto-locker, web defacement, denial of service, or smash and grabs can be easy to identify due to the immediate effect they have, persistent threats meet their objectives by maintaining stealthy long-term access to the network. TCG’s Managed Security Services help you fortify your brand and customers from today’s sophisticated cyber threats.

TCG Expertise

Our managed security services are intended to serve as an extension to your IT security staff. As a  managed security service provider, we provide turnkey solutions including security solution monitoring & management, managed endpoint security services, anti-phishing, and anti-malware services. Our standard Managed Security Services include management of unified threat management solutions (UTM), firewalls, IPS/ IDS, VPN, proxy server/appliance, DLP, CASB and encryption solutions. Our team of experts and services help eliminates blind spots and provide visibility to what really matters.

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24×7 Security Device Monitoring

Continuous security monitoring of your IT landscape keeps the network protected from any active attacks and thus keeps a check on the risk vector. Level-1 and Level-2 staff monitors and reports any network anomalies that are noted. Level 3 staff then checks for interesting network events and responds with required to the severity and associated impact.

Security Device Management

Unidentified and Unmanaged network devices including security pose twice the bigger risk than any external cyber-attack. We help businesses manage and protect your infrastructure assets, covering the first essential milestone on the road to achieving cyber risk-free environment. TCG’s device management service includes – configuring, maintaining and keep up and running all your network security devices.

Managed and Co-Managed SIEM Services       

With cyber-attacks increasing exponentially, both legacy and next generation global enterprises are determined to find the best way to limit risks and mitigate the impact of a breach. As a result, your cybersecurity operations must transform from reactive to proactive program. The current technology disruptions require organizations to transcend traditional security event monitoring and develop a proactive threat mitigation program.

TCG offers both Managed and Co-Managed SIEM Services for your existing log management platform or for the platform you are now planning to develop.  Our team of cybersecurity experts will baseline the existing or the new platform to facilitate log generation, data collection, centralized log aggregation, analysis, visualization and correlation. Keeping logs intact helps in investigating an incident, forensic checks and root cause analysis.

Log analysis, correlation and prioritization are the key components that add value to the overall cybersecurity process. At TCG, we complement our experience of handling cybersecurity incidents with automation to reduce over-all cycle time to identify and act on anomalies. Our automation techniques in log management space helps in conducting smooth query runs and investigations along with services for on demand customized reporting.

TCG will help you develop an all-inclusive view of your cybersecurity landscape, recognize threats and ensure a risk prioritized approach with your Security Incident and Event Management solution.

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Threat and Vulnerability Management

We know that Keeping track of your systems, applications and databases on your network is important – But keeping track of their associated vulnerabilities – throughout their lifecycle and evolution, is imperative. TCG’s Threat and Vulnerability Management services offers you a clear interpretation into the systems, applications and databases residing on your network and how those assets may be vulnerable to an attack. Vulnerability Management involves identifying vulnerabilities and verifying if they affect the business environment and calculating their risk they pose to business environment. TCG puts together a mature Vulnerability Management Process as an enterprise effort to provide a Security shield against the varying cyber risk and crime.

Penetration Testing

TCG offer Penetration Testing Services to profile your organization from the viewpoint of its most likely threats. We do a detailed examination of your business processes, information flows and the technology that supports your operations, providing a tailored approach to identify and test gaps in your existing protections.

Our Penetration Testing methodology is a three-phase approach that include high-end manual and automated technologies to analytically compromise various network segments including web applications, wireless networks, network devices, mobile devices, servers, endpoints and other potential points of exposure. The successfully exploited vulnerabilities are then used to launch subsequent exploits at other internal resources, replicating the attacks more rooted into the network gaining access to sensitive information.

Our team of security experts leverages advanced cyber security tools to identify malware, unusual insider behavior, and suspicious network traffic—and immediately respond to protect your data.

Penetration Services offered

Penetration tests are a requirement for meeting regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA. Be it internal or external, white-box or black-box pen testing, PenTesting expose critical issues and establishes a requirement for covering identified threat areas.

Penetration Services offered

Penetration tests are a requirement for meeting regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA. Be it internal or external, white-box or black-box pen testing, PenTesting expose critical issues and establishes a requirement for covering identified threat areas.

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Test scrutinizes the security stance and procedures involving network assets such as Firewalls, Routers, and Switches, network servers, remote access points including VPN services and wireless.

Mobile Device Penetration Testing

Mobile devices including laptop, tablets, and smartphones pose a threat to network in case they get lost or stolen. This gives attackers an edge to compromise stolen or lost devices and use them to gain access to an organization’s internal network. With this one can also test the DLP policies and MDM implementations and examine devices configured with MDM policies.

Phishing Penetration Testing

This involves casting exchange email phishing attacks and testing end-users’ understanding towards Cyber Risks and their possible impact on the organization.

Cyber Security Maturity Modeling and Road Mapping

Cyber Security Metrics and KPI Development

Threat Detection and Response

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