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A forward thinking team, solving problems with purpose and passion.

Delivering Digital Transformation in Government

At COREONYX we have seen technology migration and modernization efforts fail because the technical teams did not understand the business requirements and the speed with which the organization could adapt to change. We understand that technology is only one of three areas that must be factored into successful migration efforts. The other two areas that require evaluation are the business and the people in the organization.

Our team brings a mix of expertise in all three of these vital areas to solve agency problems with a different, more effective mindset. We devise powerful technology solutions to solve our clients’ toughest digital transformation and business challenges. Our proven technology transformation methodology is the reason COREONYX was selected to power two of the four largest digital platforms in government today.

At COREONYX, we excel at solving tough IT problems—and welcome the opportunity to tackle yours.

Strategy & Planning

Our enterprise approach to IT Strategy & Planning incorporates the three key success pillars—technical requirements, business features, and an organizational change management approach. By addressing these three pillars simultaneously, we arrive at an IT strategy and plan that not only meets your technical and business requirements, but also results in achievable implementation schedules that bring your people on-board in a cohesive manner as you modernize your IT systems. Using our proven three-pronged approach our talented team has delivered digital transformation in government.

From strategy to implementation, we build and integrate end-to-end technology solutions to help you improve outcomes across the mission lifecycle—even as it evolves. We first start by digging deep into the problem you are trying to solve. We then work backwards to arrive at a holistic and complete solution uniquely tailored to your needs.

At the center of IT modernization efforts sits the enterprise architecture. One thing is certain in IT—it continues to shift. That’s why a modern enterprise architecture is so critical in helping organizations be more agile in adapting to change. Our team excels in all the latest approaches and brings its expertise to bear in planning your organization’s platform architecture.

Using our holistic methodology, we ensure that your technology efforts and supporting infrastructure purchases align with your business goals. We evaluate your equipment, applications, and manpower needs across your IT organization to build out an infrastructure strategy and plan that ensures your investments align with your mission needs.

Business applications are only as good as the data that powers them. At COREONYX we have robust processes to identify, access, extract, transform, and store your most critical business asset, your data. Our data migration strategy and planning method maps out all your data needs across your enterprise and details how the extract/transform/load (ETL) process will be executed. Our proven data migration methods are key to digital transformation in government.

Understanding what is involved in moving your company’s digital assets, services, databases, and applications to the cloud is no easy task. At COREONYX, we have the expertise to cut through all the industry noise to define a cloud migration path that will meet your organization’s near- and long-term requirements.

Rather than just throwing a bunch of metrics into a dashboard, we first define the key performance indicators (KPIs) you will use to measure success across your IT enterprise. We then map out which metrics will be captured and build a plan for creating the necessary stakeholder dashboards you will need to ensure decision makers receive the information they need to measure performance and make improvements.

Technology Services

At our core, we are a company of engineers, making the impossible possible every day for our customers. From modernizing and streamlining digital assets to improving citizen services for a large social services organizations to bringing together legacy data across 50 siloed groups to achieve nearly $170,000,000 savings for a major metropolitan city, COREONYX delivers vital engineering services across our capabilities to help our customers deliver on their missions. With our deep technical and government domain expertise, we deliver digital transformation in government.

We’re trusted to advance the nation’s most sensitive missions through digital transformation and cloud-based solutions. We provide the right technical and business capabilities that deliver unparalleled online citizen and customer experiences — no matter the environment — from the boardroom to the border. Our cloud solutions allow our customers to move forward with their digital transformation in government efforts while ensuring continuity in business operations.

Protecting our nation’s most important systems and data assets is critical and inherent in everything we do. With a security-first mindset, we ensure that all layers of our client’s information technology stacks are protected. We continuously evolve our methods to incorporate the latest advances in security technologies  — to stay one step ahead of our adversaries.

We empower organizations to deploy modern data solutions that drive broader digital transformation efforts. We build unified and modular data ecosystems that aggregate various sources and ensure the secure delivery of valuable insights when they’re needed, by whom they’re needed, no matter where they’re needed — from the enterprise to the tactical edge.

Our UX/UI team specializes in human-centered design and delivering digital experiences that users can actually understand and navigate to answer important benefits questions. We’ve built several of the largest online self-service websites in the government where we reengineered the whole service delivery process to be one that helps the user navigate the complexity of government in an easy, concise way, while using human-friendly terms that result in real answers.

At COREONYX security and agility are baked into everything we do. That’s why our team of software developers stays abreast of the latest in DevSecOps, agile methodologies, native application development, and cloud–to infuse these advanced methods into creating the most robust business applications for you.

Application modernization is the software development equivalent of renovating an older home to take advantage of improvements in efficiency, safety, structural integrity and so forth. Rather than retiring an existing system or replacing it outright, our legacy modernization team extends its lifespan by infusing technical innovations and new architectural methods that boost application performance, reduce costs, and provide more feature-rich capabilities.


At COREONYX, we know what it takes to not only contend in the 21st century,  but also to take command of it. We’re more than just trusted advisors and capable technologists—we’re your beacon of what’s to come and how it can propel you forward. Immersed in cutting-edge capabilities, our creative problem solvers draw from a dynamic and ever-changing technology landscape to help you leverage new technologies and capabilities in delivering the most value to your organization, your constituents, and your customers. At COREONYX, we deliver digital transformation in government.

At COREONYX, we utilize applied research methods to tackle specific problems our clients are facing. We use a range of science-based approaches to develop and test technical solutions that help our clients save money while achieving better outcomes.

Using our state of the art lab, our team of software developers are able to test new software releases and advanced technologies in a simulated production environment. The team conducts various tests and controlled experiments with known measurements to fully test the new software before it is integrated into the customer production environment.

To reduce the risk to our customers, our team often conducts Proofs of Concept (POC) to test out a theory before significant investment is made to ensure it will actually work as envisioned. Through POC efforts, COREONYX is able to reduce the customer’s risk in implementing innovative ideas and technologies.

To ensure significant upgrades to existing software do not cause issues with existing systems, COREONYX engineers test these beta releases in-house first to ensure the new software is compatible. After the beta code is fully vetted, COREONYX engineers then work to update the client’s software.

One thing is for certain–technology is constantly changing and evolving. At COREONYX, we embrace this constant evolution by bringing new technical advances in-house, testing out their capabilities, and determining how best and when to recommend them to our customers.

Because we are technology agnostic, we work as trusted advisors to our clients, recommending the best solutions across a wide breadth of technical options. At times, our clients request to see two options pitted against each other to finalize their selection. COREONYX brings both technologies in house and runs them through a rigorous evaluation against customer requirements to aid the customer in their decision-making.

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