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We develop IT strategy with a disciplined approach

Information Technology (IT) in government was once viewed as “overhead,” which made it highly vulnerable to red lines in the planning, programming, budget, and execution (PPBE) process. Today, IT is the backbone of daily business activities and communication and is often the catalyst for mission success. Increased reliance on technology is the driver behind government agencies’ moves to implement digital transformation strategies that up-level task execution, user experience, and cultural norms via integrated digital technologies.

The pressure placed on government leaders by executive branch mandates and public demands often forces them to make immediate, ad-hoc, non-systematic changes to their IT stacks. This less-than-optimal implementation style may cause several limiting factors to go unchecked, resulting in less than optimal IT modernization and poor user experience. The COREONYX approach integrates compliance, security, and other functional requirements early on in the IT solution development lifecycle to achieve functional requirements, meet customer expectations, and enhance user experience.

Large scale government modernization efforts are fraught with pitfalls if not planned and executed correctly. COREONYX helps agencies navigate and avoid these pitfalls by identifying the right digital transformation strategy and then bringing these strategies to life. COREONYX engineers have been responsible for some of the most complex digital transformation efforts in government today; efforts that not only modernized the agency’s IT stack, but also maintained compliance with organizational intricacies and cross-agency interdependencies necessary for success.

COREONYX assists our customers with developing and implementing solutions that enhance mission activities rather than limiting them. Our unique experience and acquired trust ensure that expected outcomes are reached at the speed of change, which is right for the organization.

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