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We deliver non-disruptive cloud migrations with zero downtime

Modern government agencies face insurmountable pressure to maximize value through robust user experiences. This demand is easier said than done in the government where data, security, compliance, and interagency complexities abound.

To meet this challenge, government agencies must choose the right IT infrastructure to address specific business processes and user workloads. Modern infrastructures depend heavily on the organization’s appetite for transitioning data, systems, and services to the cloud.

Migration to the cloud depends on IT leaders thoroughly planning application support in advance of cloud migration. These leaders turn to COREONYX as their government data migration services partner to provide expert planning and execution across the extract, transform, and load (ETL) lifecycle in addition to sharing its expertise in information architecture and data taxonomy.

COREONYX engineers have a stellar track record of successful migrations in complex government environments, including strategic planning, data transformation, and cloud to guarantee successful mission success.

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