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We start architecture planning with a blueprint

Enterprise architecture (EA) in government is the unifying factor behind successful digital transformation and IT modernization delivery. Customer and user needs are captured and applied to the solution’s design, which solidifies the blueprint by which an organization will reach its current and future objectives.

COREONYX Enterprise Architects map information technology assets and business processes before design. These maps and processes allow legacy applications to seamlessly integrate with advanced technologies to form robust environments that deliver an enhanced user experience across the organization. They also make certain that all changes are made using scalable and open standards for future technology integration.

Departments across government organizations use COREONYX architectural information to articulate technology challenges and perceived business risks. Therefore, an enterprise architecture is important in unifying and coordinating departmental processes. Accessing and understanding business capability also helps individual departments identify unknown gaps so that they might be addressed in the future.

COREONYX uses this blueprint to deliver quantifiable results. Our architects work closely with government designers to construct solutions that meet the needs of agencies and conform to an overarching organizational design framework. COREONYX IT architects bring their technical, business process, and real-world implementation expertise to every customer engagement to ensure successful IT blueprint building.

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