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We build digital experiences that humans can actually understand

Users are easily frustrated when looking for information on non-intuitive government websites. Most government sites are so complex that people give up trying to find the answer digitally and instead spend their time waiting for telephone support, which ultimately refers them back to the website. This dilemma creates a breach in service between agency and constituent, generating millions or more in taxpayer cost that could have been prevented. COREONYX’s human-centered design is recreating this digital experience and rebuilding customer trust at the Social Security Administration (SSA) and at several other large government agencies. (GALINA – INSERT LINK TO SSA CASE STUDY)

This human-centered design approach has created substantial economic savings and social benefits at the SSA and other large-scale government entities . Highly usable systems and products are more adept at delivering positive user experiences. These systems help the public achieve their desired results quickly and efficiently through digital transactions while significantly reducing call volume in support centers. Positive user experience results in positive cost savings. Systems designed using a user-focused approach guarantee human-centered design and help ensure mission success.

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