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We protect our nation’s most valuable assets

COREONYX begins every project with a security-first mindset. We apply a holistic approach to implementing enterprise security measures for your IT ecosystem including systems, applications, data, and network transactions. Our full-stack software engineers build secure solutions that offer scalability and flexibility for future growth and technological modifications. Our approach helps organizations take advantage of the newest DevSecOps procedures; we iteratively address vulnerability and compliance risks during each cycle of our development and security operations.

Implementing automated, on-demand deployments eliminates waste while optimizing legacy workloads. Combined with industry best practices, these procedures repeatedly deliver modernized architectures that generate customer-desired capability and user-desired functionality while minimizing security risk. Powerful dashboards developed by COREONYX empower government leaders with the ability to monitor, detect, prevent, and address security vulnerabilities, providing the utmost confidence that the nation’s most sensitive data is always protected.

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