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Creating Digital Experiences that Humans Can Actually Understand.

If you have ever looked for information online from a government agency, you know how difficult it can be to find what you are looking for, not to mention how challenging it is to complete tasks like applying for services or checking claims status. Most Americans quickly give up on the digital approach and opt to sit on the phone on hold waiting to speak with a customer service representative.

COREONYX is working to rectify this situation at one of the largest government agencies by reinventing its digital experiences using human centered design principles, agile software development methods as well as COREONYX’s domain knowledge and cloud technology expertise.

Using a human-centered approach has substantial economic and social benefits for government agencies and the public they serve. Highly usable systems and products tend to be more adept at delivering positive user experiences, helping users achieve desired results quickly and efficiently. Support and help-desk costs are reduced when users can understand and navigate online sites without additional assistance. In addition, systems designed using human centered design also help ensure that the experience that evolves is one that actually meets the users’ needs, ensuring mission success.