We build enterprise blueprints that align all departments to achieve digital transformation. 

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Enterprise architecture (EA) is the unifying conceptual blueprint behind all successful digital transformation and IT modernization efforts in the public sector. It serves as a roadmap for how the organization can effectively achieve its current and future objectives. The EA provides a map of IT assets and business processes and brings together legacy applications and advanced technology to form a seamless environment and an enhanced user experience across the entire organization.

EA helps all departments across an enterprise understand the business model and articulates challenges and business risks. Therefore, EA also plays an important role in unifying and coordinating departmental processes across an organization. Being able to access and understand business capability also helps individual departments identify gaps in their business, and from there they can work toward filling those gaps.

Having built enterprise architectures across very stove-piped, complex government organizations, COREONYX understands how important Enterprise Architecture is in laying the groundwork for today’s government modernization efforts. We are proud of our architects who have the right mix of technical, business process, and real-world implementation skills, which have led to our success in building architectures for several of the largest digital transformation projects in the government today.