We bring a disciplined approach to navigating the complexities of modern IT strategy development. 

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With increasing pressure from both the executive branch and the public, many government CIOs get started too quickly devising their IT strategies in an ad hoc, non-systematic way, matching technology solutions with highly visible problems without evaluating new ways to modernize internal processes and enhance the user experience. This mistake happens because many CIOs still think of technology in a traditional way–as a means to solve a specific problem versus the main catalyst for change.

Having helped numerous large-scale government agencies digitally transform the way they deliver their services, we understand that modern IT strategies are very complex with multitudes of interdependencies, and diverse and powerful stakeholders. We help IT leaders navigate this complexity and avoid the pitfalls that come with large scale modernization efforts. We apply our vast experience and our structured methodology to devise realistic transformation roadmaps that take into account the three crucial elements of technology, the end user, and the speed with which the organization can adapt to change. Because we factor in all three of these critical elements, we deliver strategic plans that are actionable and not only fit the needs of the issue at hand, but also provide the flexibility and agility for the organization to adjust to change over time.