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Leveraging data science and artificial intelligence to help drive value out of your business insights. 

Analytics are everywhere across your IT environment. They exist for your website, your social media channels, your network, your applications, your data, and more! Point analytics and metrics are easily captured but understanding your IT ecosystem’s performance and gaining insights from your data requires more than mere point product analysis.

In addition, with advances in data science and artificial intelligence (AI), you really need to factor in whether your organization would benefit from these technologies and how your organization would go about adopting them. An Analytics Roadmap helps address out these issues, ensuring that the metrics you capture and the analytics you invest time in actually benefit your business.

When done correctly, an analytics roadmap specific to your mission will guide you through the requirements you will need before you can go to the next steps. The roadmap helps you to prioritize which key performance areas you should address first and second, based on stakeholder requirements and where analytics can help move the business forward via better decision making.

COREONYX engineers are well-versed in all aspects of metrics and advanced analytics like data science and AI. We work with our clients to help define key performance metrics and critical questions you hope to answer with your data, and then build a plan to move the organization forward with tools, training, support and more—ensuring mission success.