Modernizing Government IT with Cloud-Based Solutions. 

Picking the right migration strategy is key to getting the very best out of cloud technologies. To realize your vision for a robust cloud environment, you first must fully understand your existing IT architecture and your goals for the migration effort. The diagram below shows Amazon’s take on the complexity involved in selecting the best migration strategy alone. Factor this decision in with the various methods for moving workloads and best practices for operating in the cloud, as well as the enormous effort involved to get a handle on your legacy system architectures – and you start to understand the complexity involved in undertaking a cloud migration.

Cloud Migration Strategy Options
There are many ways to move to the cloud, with each option offering capabilities, home frames and benefits. In general, there are five main strategies organizations will adopt. Some may use a single migration strategy, but often different strategies can be used to migrate different systems based on your available resources and system requirements.

cloud migration graphic

Source: Amazon Web Services

Because government organizations are burdened with stove-piped legacy systems and many have little to no cloud experience, moving to the cloud can be particularly daunting unless you have a partner who has a robust assessment and planning method in place that simplifies this complexity. COREONYX is that partner. With several very large, complex government agency cloud migration projects under its belt, COREONYX has the expertise to help you move through the various decisions quickly to implementation and ultimately successful cloud operations.