Helping Organizations take advantage of cloud-based technologies. 


IT infrastructure includes all the hardware, software, network, and physical facilities needed to run your technology stack. With the advent of cloud-based and as-a-service offerings as well as government-wide mandates to improve user experiences and reduce costs, many agencies are looking to move away from traditional approaches to cloud-based scenarios. These moves allow government leaders to reduce their costs without sacrificing up-time, security, or workflow processing.

COREONYX excels at building IT infrastructure plans that may include fully moving an organization to the cloud or a hybrid mix of cloud-based and traditional infrastructure components. No matter the scenario, COREONYX has tackled these complex environments. Our infrastructure experts have not only built the robust infrastructure plans that map to the customer’s current and future needs, but also have executed against them–helping to digitally transform organizations. In fact, COREONYX has been the catalyst behind two of the five largest digital transformation efforts in government today.